• All ETL operations performed with EDIS are logged in an audit table.
  • The audit table answers the who, what, when, and where
  • Start and end times, query ran, sources access, rows transferred, IP addresses, and user ID’s get logged along with many other items
  • You can identify overlap where multiple ETL processes access the same data set

  • EDIS runs on one master package, which means the headaches associated with upgrading hundreds of SSIS Packages during a SQL Server upgrade are gone
  • When EDIS runs an ETL process, it creates an SSIS Package on the fly, executes, and then drops it, which means you don’t have to manage anymore SSIS packages

SQL Server Upgrades

Server Consolidation

  • Zip and unzip files quickly
  • Supports zipping nested folders

Industry Tested & Approved

EXECSSISDB.MDDataTech.usp_run_data_transfer @src_sys = @@servername, @dest_sys = 'EXCEL'
   ,@src_qry = 'SELECT * FROM Adventureworks.Production.SalesHistory'
   ,@dest_tbl ='Sheet1', @file path = 'C:\Reports\Sales.xlsx‘
-- And Many More Parameters to customize

Zip & Unzip Files

Build and manage your ETL using only T-SQL 

Web Tasks




  • EDIS is used internationally, ran on production servers, and is endorsed by enterprise DBA's
  • EDIS can scale to run hundreds of packages per hour
  • EDIS enables the ability to consolidate multiple ETL SQL Servers due to its ability to scale, which saves you money on licensing costs, and alleviates the headaches with managing multiple ETL instances
  • EDIS has been running for over 3 years and gone through rigorous testing to handle high server concurrency
  • Excel – If the target workbook does not exist, EDIS creates it on the fly.
  • Flat Files – If the file does not exist, EDIS creates it on the fly.
  • OLEDB & ODBC – Bulk transfer data with ease. Just tell EDIS what RDBMS to go to, and it figures out the rest

EDIS demystifies the ambiguity of ETL by providing centralized security and audit

Developer Environment

“The speed at which we can develop new ETL is remarkable, just a few lines of code! Plus, the headaches associated with SSIS and managing packages is now gone. My team has been using EDIS everyday and has not opened SSIS for over 2 years”
– Manager at Fortune 50 Company

“We always have issues with setting up developer desktops with Visual Studio and SSDT. EDIS has removed that roadblock since all it needs is SSMS, and has given us time back to focus on managing the server, not managing the developer”

                                                                                                                                      – DBA Architect

Import and export data from a variety of sources with just a few lines of T-SQL

  • EDIS lives on the host SQL Server, which means developers only need SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) installed on their workstation.
  • No need to manage the setup of visual studio, SSDT, or BIDS ever again
  • Developers can use SSMS and connect via client, which means they don’t have to be on the Windows server to develop and use EDIS

  • Call OData URL's effortlessly
  • Get stock prices in JSON
  • Get weather forecasts in XML
  • Can access any OData source

  • Issue SQL Commands to external servers to create and drop tables, start jobs, and much more
  • Retrieve external server query value into a local variable


SQL Commands

EDIS provides a simplified yet powerful toolset to

build and manage your ETL faster and in a familiar way



Importing Data

  • Flat Files – Supports Delimited, Fixed Width, and Ragged Right
  • Excel and Access – Supports Excel '03 (xls) and newer
  • ODBC, OLEDB, and ADO.NET – Import from relational sources

Exporting Data

FTP Operations

EDIS is a new way of managing your full ETL stack with transparency and ease


  • Supports S-FTP, FTP, and FTP over SSL (FTP-S)
  • Upload, download, and delete multiple files in a single batch
  • Get directory content list
  • Create new directories
  • Supports binary and asci transfer, and passive connections
  • Use wildcards or file list
  • EDIS centralizes server connection management to a single table that is encrypted, which removes the hassle of managing config. files in multiple environments
  • EDIS operates ETL actions using aliases for data sources, which means you do not need to provide credentials to developers anymore
  • Add and update connections with just a few lines of T-SQL and a few parameters
  • All parameters sent to EDIS are encrypted


 EDIS Now Supports SharePoint